‘Serendipity Revealed’

An Exhibition of Contemporary Sri Lankan Art


Pala Pothupitiye section of ‘Chavakacheri’


Anoli  Perera “Protest’ 



2/126 Wing Lok Street                      3/52 Bonham Strand West

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong                 Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

5- 10th December 2013                    5- 10th December 2013


Press Preview

Wednesday 4 December 3-6pm or by appointment

Opening Party

Thursday 5th December 6.30 – 9pm

Hempel Galleries with the Colombo Art Biennale and Visual Arts Projects are delighted to present for the first time in Hong Kong, an exhibition of work by contemporary Sri Lankan artists.

 While the art scenes in many parts of Asia are beginning to or have already gained recognition internationally Sri Lanka has, in a sense, been alienated by its 30 year war, which finally came to an end in May 2009. In the aftermath of the war, “Serendipity Revealed” will showcase and give glimpses of the untold story as unveiled by Sri Lanka’s foremost and emerging contemporary artists.

Artists’ Statement for Anoli Perera & Pala Pothupitive:

It is only when a land is mapped or cartographed that scrutiny and documentation of that land is done. It is only when that has happened, that the inconsistencies and problems will be revealed. Both Perera & Pothuypitiye are in a manner scrutinizing a land, talking about and questioning its identity politics, claims of boundaries, mythical beliefs and its history. Pala’s work on maps addresses identity, claims of land and the changing faces of these.  Anoli’s ‘Civilizing Serendib’ series speak of colonial history and the notion of authenticity. ‘Swarnabhumi’ expounds the contradictions of a nation, golden land and charred memories, while ‘Protest’ again communicates the idea of resistance to attempts of ‘Civilizing’.  Anoli Perera

Artists Biography

Anoli Perera

Anoli Perera, director of Theertha Artist Collective and mentor to many now successful artists, has herself built a name in Sri Lanka and India. Anoli’s work consists of large installations, paintings, sculpture and more recently photo-performances. Hailed as the pioneering contemporary woman artist in Sri Lanka, who ushered in art that is informed by feminism and craft art practices, Anoli’s work engages critically on thematic that range from women’s issues, history, myth to identity, colonialism and post colonial anxieties.

Pala Pothupitiye

Pala Pothuypitiye winner of the 2011 Sovereign Art Prize in Hong Kong has become teacher & guide to many younger emerging artists in Sri Lanka. Born in 1972 in Deniyaya, he is currently based in Colombo and works with a team in his studio as a full time professional artist. He has exhibited extensively in Sri Lanka as well as internationally. Born into a Sri Lankan dancing caste his early works explored his own identity crisis. After visiting Jaffna after the end of the civil war he found himself more inspired by the change in the country than in the search for his own identity and expanded this theme through a series of maps and drawings on canvas.

 To run concurrently with this exhibition is a group show of established and emerging artists working in Sri Lanka today. We hope this additional show will give people in Hong Kong a further taste of this little known art scene, with artists such as Koralegedara Pushpakumara, Pradeep Thalawatta and Janananda Laksiri.

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