‘Goodwill Hardware 2013’

Text and pix by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai



At a time when Sri Lanka has already started to forget its recent past and artists have begun to move away from political and interventionist themes, Koralegedara Pushpakumara’s exhibition of paintings under the theme “Goodwill Hardware 2013” is remarkable works. His powerful paintings attempt to point at the human suffering which the society has undergone during many decades of war and violence. While questioning and confronting the post war environment, he attempts to dismiss the human suffering from social memory by sheer political discourses of erasure.

His exhibition of paintings is currently being held at Hempel Galleries.  Nearly 27 screen print paintings and collage on canvass are displayed under the illustrated subtitles of ‘Barbed Wire, Blade Wire, Barrier Tape, Pole and Wall Plug’.

 “I used to visit my relatives in Ampara in 1970s and 80s.  ‘Barbed Wire’ was very much part of the everyday landscape which has struck with me as a strong image in my memory, since my childhood. There is a division, restriction, denied access and violence. Although the war is over, the boundaries and divisions continue to exist. Today, these boundaries and divisions are less visible, but are still present.

Barbed Wire is a symbol of violence. 2” x 2” pole is another symbol of violence. Wall Plug depicts the act of aggression. Damage is done by inserting the wall plug into the wall, and thereafter, unable to forget the memory despite any patching up” says artist Koralegedar Pushpakumara.

He has used black, gold and white acrylic colours on canvass to elaborate each situation. His art works convey a strong message in a post war situation.

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