The 2012 edition of the Colombo Art Biennale ‘Becoming‘ is delighted to announce the participation of Vimukthi Jayasundara, who has not only taken part in the Cannes Film Festival but has even won awards at it.

For the Biennale, Vimukthi will be, of course, exhibiting a film, but a film with a difference. This February an interactive installation will be projected onto 3 walls, revealing a panoramic view of a desolate Sri Lankan landscape passing through time. The landscape itself, although becoming something else will not actively encourage it’s viewers to become any different. The experience will simply be about being oneself.

Vimukthi is a far more subtle visual artist to leave it at that however. Left alone with one’s thoughts in a dark room experiencing the passage of time, the viewer uses their own time. For some this may be a space not unlike Limbo, for others it will stir up waves of emotion within their own psyches. This is the brilliance of a black and white neutral landscape, the black and white invites a sense of nostalgia while allowing the viewer to add their own mental details.  The issue of internal struggle is one familiar to many and it is an issue which fascinates Vimukthi. By using a desolate landscape, he is able to conjure a different set of internal struggles within each and every viewer.

Effectively, the installation ‘Becomes‘ something different with each person.

Unlike many other artists, Vimukthi will not be conveying any political ideologies in his piece, instead leaving any meaning open to the viewers own personal interpretation. The installation will be merely be an experience where the film itself becomes and the viewer can ‘Become‘ whatever their emotions allow.