SATURDAY, 08 OCTOBER 2011 20:23

Following the success of the first edition of the Colombo Art Biennale “Imagining Peace” in 2009, the CAB announced its second edition titled “Becoming” to be held in February 2012. The two curators for this Biennale will be Roman Berka, who heads the Museum in Progress in Vienna and Suresh Jayaram, director of 1Shanthi Road in Bangalore.

The theme for the 2012 Colombo Art Biennale ‘Becoming’ was chosen to reflect the social and political context of Sri Lanka today as well as from the wider issues that are facing our world. How has peace has affected the country? Where is Sri Lanka now? What has it become? The theme of Becoming asks artists and participants to consider the reality and the concepts of Becoming, the ‘possibility of being in a moment between two decisive ends.’ Becoming is not an idea which asks for certainty but by its nature explores open-endedness, transformation and potentiality.

Alongside the 20 local Sri Lankan artists, there will be international participants from the region- India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal, as well as from the US, France, Australia, UK and Germany.

The venues will be situated all over Colombo and news and development of events and names of artists will be posted on

The CAB Team consists of Annoushka Hempel (Founder and Director of CAB), Jagath Weeresinghe (Co-Founder of CAB/Artist/ Archaeology University Lecturer, Founding Member & Chairman of Theertha International Artist Collective & Curator), Neil Butler (Director of CAB, Artist, Director of Glasgow Art Fair), Puja Srivastava (Project Manager), Deneth Piumaskshi (Project Coordinator) and Knut Landsverk (Project Consultant).